BBM Yours To Control – Video Content Production by 76 Brand Films

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Directed by Mike Edgell
76 Brand Films

4.4 million views so far. Here’s our latest video content production ‘BBM Yours to Control.’

It demonstrates the wicked new functionality of BBM across devices (BlackBerry, iPhone, Android)

This is one of 5 different creative scenarios that will be rolled out this week globally.

Thanks to Jeff’s brilliant team at BlackBerry for having an open mind and bringing some great thinking to the table.

Director: Mike Edgell
Production Company: 76 Brand Films

The Script

In the dry, subtle comedic tone of the ‘Dollar Shave Club’ our main character, Jake, opens the video by speaking directly to the audience. Jake is standing in a modern workplace that could be an architecture design firm.

“I learned the hard way about the benefits of the new BBM.
We’ve all felt it…
…that pit in your stomach when you realize you just sent a message to the –wrong- person. “

Cut to wide UI shot.

“Let’s just say I sent a little message to my Boss that was MEANT for my girlfriend…”

The BBM screen appears in space from right to left. It is translucent. Jake motions to the message floating in space beside him. The BBM Chat screen shows the recipient’s name as Adam Davis Montgomery with the BBM text message meant for Jake’s girlfriend.

Message says “Countdown to cuddle time (W/ EMOTICON HUG / SMILE)”

“There were two ways to STOP my Boss from seeing it. The OLD way and the NEW way.”

This section is comprised of a quickly edited series of scenarios illustrating the “old way” in which Jake is trying to ‘physically’ retract that photo message accidently sent to his Boss. Each scenario “resets” time a la groundhog day, rather than a continuous sequence of events.

As each scenario ends, that window ‘freeze frames’ at the precise moment of conflict The ‘freeze frame’ then moves to the bottom strip of the frame until the new scenario begins. The flashback scenarios essentially “pile up” along the bottom of the frame. This visual technique begins at Flashback scenario C.

A) Jake dashes through office hallway while dodging colleagues rom-com ‘pardon me, scuse me’ style. This is the hallway to be shot with a long lens, close in framing to the second image here, in order to make the office look busier.

B) Cut to POV push shot from Boss to Phone on table. This demonstrates Jake’s focus on the Boss’ phone sitting on the boardroom table (with the intensity of a Western standoff where the camera moves toward the gun holster to focus the viewer’s attention.)

C) Boss is distracted, going over some brainstorm sketches with a colleague on the whiteboard wall.

As the boss reaches blindly for his phone,……Jake appears out of nowhere diving between the Boss and desk, knocking it out of the Boss’ hand, Terry Tate style. Papers and other stuff go flying. Freeze frame of Jake horizontal in the air. That freeze frame moves to the bottom left of frame, until next scene starts.

****You will have to watch the series to see the rest of the scenarios****

Then, each freeze frame representing each previous scenario reappear in a collage like this:

Flashback ends abruptly as camera cuts back to Jake looking coldly into the camera a la Conan O’Brien.

“Little did I know, with the latest version of BBM, I can just RETRACT the message, like this.”

In the floating UI, Jake retracts the message.

Cut to shot of Boss’ phone showing the offending message disappearing from the chat JUST before the Boss picks it up. This will be shot in-camera rather than screen replacement. The device will be sitting static on the desk vs. in motion.

Boss picks up his phone. Sees nothing alarming and puts it back on the table.

Cut back to Jake

“Easy, right?

It gets better. There’s another new way to take control of what you share in your chats…it’s called the ‘Timer’”

“With the Timer, I can set how long a message or photo can be viewed by the person I’m chatting with…like my girlfriend. When the time’s up, it disappears.”

We see an abbreviated sequence where he sets the timer on the same message he sent to his boss… Message says “Countdown to cuddle time (W/ EMOTICON HUG / SMILE)”
And this time with a photograph (Jake blowing kiss)…and of course to the correct recipient this time, his GF, Mya

“Don’t be out of control. TAKE control with the new BBM.”

Jake walks off screen right and while leaving frame looks down at his phone presumably to start a chat.
The frame holds on coworkers in the background as the motion graphics and logo sequence appear on the screen.
Text on screen :
“BBM. Yours to Control.”

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