76 Brand Films on how to make a great video (and why that’s important)

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North Americans are the largest consumers of online video.

I asked Mike Edgell, VP & Video Director at 76 Brand Films, to answer a few questions about making a great video and why he thinks video is so important.


Why video?

Video is the most powerful medium to make people care.  It stirs emotion and influences action.  People trust what they see. They believe in what they see.  It’s human nature going back thousands of years.

What makes a great video?

Great video tells a story, it humanizes the subject at hand. It captures real life in compelling and dynamic ways and transforms the ordinary into something that can be interesting, heartwarming, surprising or challenging.

How do you work with clients to ensure their vision becomes a reality?

First, we figure out what the client wants to say. What’s the STORY we want to tell? Next, we’ll develop a creative concept. Then, we script and film. Finally, we move on to post-production, which involves everything from editing to special effects.

What’s the future of video?

The web itself is transitioning to a video based experience. With faster and faster broadband, video content will flourish, and with that a greater level of interactivity.

Any final tips?

Measurement is crucial. With video, it’s essential to define your audience and make sure you can track views accordingly. In addition, analytics can help you determine the attention span of your audience.



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