What is a Motion Graphics Video and How Does it Help Marketers?

By Posted in - Blog on August 2nd, 2013 0 Comments Swirl

The term “motion graphics video” is often used to describe a wide range of digital storytelling techniques that combine animation, infographic elements, photography, live action video footage, 3D, typography, sound effects and narration.

So why bring these elements together to help tell a brand’s story?

It’s flexible – If you have a complex idea or concept to communicate, a motion graphics video can help re-create those elements and environments that may be impossible to film.

It’s engaging – It can make video footage more colourful, informative and dynamic.

It’s popular – There are all kinds of creative commercials circulating the web right now that use motion graphics. People are comfortable watching and sharing.

Today, consumers are bombarded with content.  Brands are pushing to be more creative. While live action video footage is arguably the best way to humanize a brand, viewers also want something that is visually appealing, entertaining and informative.

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